A Unique Lisbon Fado Tour

This Lisbon night tour takes you into the picturesque Alfama and Mouraria to explore with our passionate storytellers. Discover the Portuguese soul and experience it with a live fado show and dinner in one of the most exclusive and traditional venues. Fado is so much more than the evening’s entertainment…let us bare our Portuguese souls to you through this mesmerising, vital part of our culture.

Not Just a Fado Tour in Lisbon

First, a warning: this tour is not just about Fado. As we meander the old streets on this Lisbon walking tour, you will learn so much more than just about the Fado song, the Fado singers, poets and musicians.

Fado is the clay we use to share the stories that unveil the true Portuguese soul. Lisbon and her people are themselves part of this work of art.

In the labyrinthine streets of Mouraria and Alfama, you will hear about all the different cultures and peoples that made us who we are today. You will explore charming Lisbon in the evening, from its oldest quarters to its terrific viewpoints.

Our journey to understanding the true significance of Fado will not be complete before immersing ourselves in the Fado song. We will share a memorable dinner and enjoy an exquisite Fado show in an elegant and distinguished Fado house – home to the greatest Fado artists.

Join us on this Lisbon Fado tour to discover why the Portuguese stopped fighting their fate and started singing it instead. Come and be part of the Portuguese song.

What to Expect on Our Lisbon Walking Tour


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