Food and Wine Tour

In recent years, Portugal became one of Europe’s top destinations, and Lisbon –  its sweetheart. But what’s beyond this ancient capital? What’s off the beaten track? There’s the real Portugal. 

In this 8-day complete tour, you will get to know the authentic Portugal through the mythical N2 road and about. N2 is one of three roads in the world that connects a country from North to South. With our cultural-historical tour, you will get to explore and be part of this lost in time country. You’ll get to meet our people, see how we live, understand what we’re made of. Everything is planned to immerse yourself in the folklore of rural Portugal while also learning about some of the country’s top attractions, taste its best food and wine with its terrific landscapes as background. We will go from wine tastings to scenic walks, bike and kayak rides, cruise ships in unique UNESCO world heritage sites. Besides the leisurely times to enjoy the hidden river beaches or swimming pools, you will learn about the Knights Templars, Portuguese kings and queens while visiting their palaces and, most of all, the real people that make this country unique. Your guide will make sure to treat you to the best Portuguese food and wine along the more than 700 km road: this tour is a feast to all your senses!

Ensuring all the safety procedures along the way, we will guide you through the whole unspoiled country with a small group of curious travelers, in a comfortable car with a professional driver and an expert local guide. (The group size has a maximum of 12 people.)

Where there’s a tale, there’s a way. And you will be part of the Portuguese tale.

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