Food and Wine in Lisbon and Porto

Our food and wine tours are all about understanding the stories behind Portuguese products and dishes. We will taste and learn about Portuguese petiscos, wines, and liqueurs and what they mean to us. Our guides are foodies and passionate about the Portuguese culture whose goal is to bring you on board the Portuguese world of neverending meals. À nossa!

Much more than eating and drinking

Food is culture, it’s who we are, it tells a story of a people. What better way can there be to understand a country than through its flavors? Stroll around the beautiful streets of the old Lisbon or proud Porto with a passionate expert and taste the best Portugal has to offer. Learn about our obsession with Cod, our wonderful cheese, top-quality charcuterie, and world-famous pastries.

From the uncompromised bifana to the unforgettable seafood rice or game dishes, and excellent meat, we will bring the Portuguese story to your table. And while we savor all the traditional flavors, we will toast and cheer with the sweet melody of the Portuguese wine and sooner than later you’ll find yourself part of the Portuguese tale.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book a private tour!

What’s Included on Your Food & Wine Tour:


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